"Discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes...."

Marcel Proust   

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The power of art is in its ability to evoke within us something deeper and more primal, and different mediums often unlock this power in different ways.  The subtle effects of sunlight on flowers in a still life can't be truly revealed with pen and ink, while a simple charcoal drawing of a figure can often elicit more emotion than if every detail was given.

Doug uses different mediums as tools to capture this essence and give it back to the viewer in a more powerful form.  But regardless of what medium it is, the underlying aesthetic emotions remain constant.  The following pages contain examples of some of Doug's recent work.  Click on the images below to see more examples of each medium.

View PaintingsThe subjects that Doug paints are as varied as the colors on his palette.  But the driving force behind each painting is Doug's desire to understand and simplify the basic forms that nature takes.  Although the often abstract design forces the viewer to look deeper into the painting to unlock the secrets it holds, it is through powerful composition and application, that Doug really brings the true emotions of the painting to the surface.

Doug recognizes drawing not only as the foundation for painting, but also as its own unique art form.  From the time he first started drawing View Drawingswith Charles Cross, Doug has been enthralled with it.  "To this day, my love of drawing never changes - it just gets more intense."  Doug uses that intensity each week when he invites several artists to his studio for a life-drawing session.  Because the model only holds each pose for a maximum of three minutes, Doug is forced to concentrate on only capturing the gesture, movement, and feeling of the subject rather than a perfect rendering.  Doug enjoys this traditional style of drawing which allows him to portray all the necessary aspects of the subject while still leaving enough variables that the viewer is forced to identify with the model in order to fill in the blanks with their own imagination.  


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