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Doug Erionís commitment to the arts began as an admirer, patron, and collector. It took root in the Northern Colorado community where he made his home and transcended into the creation of his own art. This evolution has allowed Doug to gather a wealth of knowledge and a strong appreciation for the life that has held his fascination captive for more than 25 years. For Doug Erion, painting and drawing are ways of specific engagement with his world. It's not just shapes and colors he paints, but the relationships they form when they join together. 


A resident of Loveland, Colorado, Doug is part of a well-known group of Colorado artists committed to the figurative tradition. However, it is the contemporary view that Doug takes of traditional subjects that allows his paintings to take on a flavor all their own. Step through these pages and learn more about this artist's unique background and his thoughts on the world of art. Gather information about his next workshop and how to participate, or find the galleries and exhibitions where his powerful art is displayed. Use the online gallery to study and enjoy his most recent original works where all the elements come together.


Welcome to the world of fine art -- Doug Erion style!



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